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The peak season is once again upon us and it's time to begin welcoming some new faces to your workforce. So let's take a look at some tips in getting the most from your seasonal event staff.

1. Treat them like a full-time employee

An obvious one. As anyone within a seasonal business will know, casual workers have the same legal entitlements as your permanent employees. However, with clearly defined contract terms, this is rarely a problem in the event industry - your seasonal guys are under no illusions that this is just a once a year gig and they might like it that way.

What's less obvious is that, legal entitlements aside, you will gain a lot from treating your short-term staff as part of your own family. At all costs, you should avoid an 'us vs. them' environment between your regulars and the guys you brought to make the numbers. Your regulars should be encouraged to embrace new faces into the culture. These are the people that will be front and center when demonstrating your services - you need to make sure that everyone is pulling in the same direction.

2. The Good Cop, Bad Cop Balance

Constructive criticism is very important throughout your management of event. Use this wisely as you may not always get good results if you focus more on criticism and discipline than on helping people maximize potential. What often happens at the height of an event, is that overly stressed supervisors will lean more on the cop side rather than the coach side which can lead to a demotivated workforce.

Try to make sure that poor performers don't get more than their share of attention. Certain problems are inevitable and everyone makes mistakes, but you must learn to manage troublesome issues as they arise. Ignoring problems isn't the way to lead a team - you need a solid good cop, bad cop balance. This is where having a firm code of conduct with a structured disciplinary process helps. Non-performing staff can be addressed when needed and consistent offenders need to be weeded out.

3. Invest in Good Scheduling Software

Without trying to put in a shameless sales pitch, one found its way in here anyway. Whatever you're using, a reliable scheduling software is crucial in facilitating task prioritization and ensuring you have all required resources in the right-place at the right time.

Flexibility is key also. With the dynamic nature of events, you should ensure that you're enabled to view and adjust your staffing assignments as you need it. What's more, communicating to your dispersed workforce from your control centre is vital to the efficiency of your operation.


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