uTRAC Feature List


Drag & Drop

Intuitive interface for staff assignments.

Prevent Double Bookings

Be warned of any scheduling conflicts.

Working Time Compliance

Prevent breaches of Working Time Directive.

Project Cloning

Copy historic projects at the click of a button.

Live Cost Analysis

Maximise your profit margins as you schedule shifts.

Shift Grouping

Link shifts over multiple dates for quick updating.


Email & SMS

Send shift details to staff direct from system.

Open Shifts

Allow staff to confirm availability to work public/private shifts.

GPS Integration

Send shift co-ordinates for staff rendezvous.

Calendar Integration

Confirmed shifts are updated direct to staff calendars.


Receive relevant shift updates as they occur or daily digests.

Holiday Requests

Review time-off requests sent by staff through Staff Portal..

Staff Portal

Web App

Accessible on any device with internet connection.


Native applicaton for iPhone and iPads.


Native application for android devices.



Use customized web-forms to upload new applicants direct to uTRAC.

Applicant Management

Review applicant CVs and confirm/reject them for future work.

Time & Attendance

Online Timesheets

Confirm shift attendance on any device.

Biometric Tracking

Android application for confirming attedance.

Supervisor/Client Access

Enable supervisors/clients to update timesheets for future review.


Excel Reports

Comprehensive data exports in excel format.

Sign In Sheets

Branded paper timesheets in pdf format.


Client ready quotes/invoices in pdf format or .csv format for accounts upload.

Invoice Management

Smart invoice management for accourate financial recording.

Wages Processing

Accurate .csv exports at the click of a button.

Project Reports

Print upcoming schedule in a variety of formats.


Access Anywhere

Hosted online and accessible anywhere with internet connection.

Multiple User Types

Variety of manager levels with editable permissions.


24/7 access to Helpdesk managed by uTRAC Support Specialists.

Using uTRAC

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