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Introducing the uTRAC App

uTRAC is now available for download around the world via Google Play and the iTunes App Store. Staff and freelancers will be able to use the uTRAC App to review their work schedules, confirm their availability to work upcoming shifts, keep their profile and contact details up to date and request time off.

uTRAC Core subscribers will be able to send login details to staff and direct them to download the app simply by searching for “utrac” in their app store or by sharing the links below. That’s it, once set up, your team will never miss an update.

Download uTRAC on iOS Download uTRAC on Google Play

Everyone in the Right Place, at the Right time

What’s great about the app is that workers will never miss an update about upcoming jobs with job advertisements, shift changes and start-time reminders being pushed direct to their pockets. This makes it the perfect tool for streamlining communication between managers and their workforce.

What’s more, because uTRAC is now on your phone, we can now utilize more of the phone’s functionality including Google Maps. So when a worker is due to work at a particular location, all they need to do is touch the shift location to open up Google Maps and get quick directions. Everyone gets to the right place, at the right time, without the hassle of handling hundreds of texts, emails and phone calls.

Your Entire Schedule in the Same Place

We understand that not everyone will rely on checking the app each time they need to review their schedule. Schedules are more complicated than that. That’s why we wanted to include a calendar sync feature so staff can merge their uTRAC work schedules to their favorite calendar app.

So next time someone wants to schedule their next dental appointment, all they need to do is open their Google Calendar and see all of their upcoming shifts next to their other appointments so they can plan accordingly.

uTRAC App for Staff



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