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Quickly bill your clients and pay your staff with uTRAC's integrated attendance tracking tools.

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Faster Billing & Payroll

uTRAC’s workforce management software features a dynamic attendance tracking system which helps your business to process accurate attendance records at the click of a button. Managers, senior staff and client, can update attendance live using uTRAC’s online sign-in features. Timesheets can be quickly reviewed by administrators and sent to clients for approval before invoices and pay runs are finalized.

See how uTRAC reduce financial administration by 50%.

Attendance Management Features

Record Shift Attendance At Every Event

Managers, senior staff, or clients may access sign in sheets for each event on any device. Quickly review which staff are due to attend and confirm their arrival and departure time for painless reporting of shift attendance.

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Online Sign In Sheets
Quickly Clock Staff In With Mobile Scanner

Verify shift attendance and control access to your event using uTRAC's integrated barcode scanning functionality. Scheduled staff will be able to clock in an out of events by scanning their barcode as they come and go.

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uTRAC Attendance Tracking App
Authorize Shift Hours Before Billing & Payroll

Managers can quickly review their team's clocked in and clocked out times for accurate timesheet processing and send them to clients or senior administrators for final approval.

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Get Timesheet Approvals from Clients
Bill Clients Quickly & Efficiently

Track labour costs and profit margins as you book your staff then print client ready branded quotes, pro-formas and invoices at the click of a button. uTRAC has in-built auditing features to track each invoice produced in the system.

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Instant Client Billing with uTRAC
Accurate Payroll Reports at the Click of a Button

uTRAC is an ideal tool for accurately reporting the hours worked by staff and by freelancers for exports that can be imported directly to your wages system for quick and easy payroll management.

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uTRAC Payroll Reporting

Live Profit/Loss Analysis

uTRAC's online scheduling solution is ideal for tracking the profitibility of an event and for comprhensive analysis of your staffing business. Easily compare live stapshots of your current labour costs against a set budget or against the revenue you will generate from each event.

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The reports you need at a click of a button.

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  • Business Reports

    Comprehensive reporting for in-depth financial analysis.

  • Wages

    Export wage files to import into your payroll system.

  • Error Checking

    Double check potential errors prior to running pay runs.

  • Quoting

    Print potential project costs prior to order confirmation.

  • Invoicing

    Bill clients based on completed work and track invoices to payment.

  • Branded Reports

    Customised client ready documents direct from system.

Benefits of uTRAC Attendance Tracking

Reduce Time Spent Processing Timesheets
Reduce Administrative Errors
Maximise Your Profit Margins
Save Time & Money with Streamlined Admin

By streamlining how scheduling and attendance information is recorded, businesses benefit from decreasing the overhead required to manage large, complex, workforces.

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