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The Life and Times of Alan & Sheila

Improving Your Life With Online Crew Booking

Alan & Sheila’s Crew is one of the best event staffing businesses in the industry, with an impeccable reputation for having the best event crew in the business. However, rounding up crew has never been a walk in the park for Paul the Operations Manager. Paul can never get a minute’s peace and keeps his phone by his side whatever the situation. ‘What time’s my shift?’, ‘What time are the drivers due to arrive?’, ‘Can I have some time off?’.

But in an alternate reality, Paul uses uTRAC, the ideal online solution for scheduling, booking, and tracking his event crew. No more texts. No more phone calls. Whether it’s a client looking for the latest timesheet, crew looking for their rota, or his boss looking a report; all the information is accessible through uTRAC so Paul can some quality time and finally leave his phone on silent.

We don’t like to promise too much at uTRAC, but we literally save marriages.

Booking Your Crew with uTRAC

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