Workforce Management from Recruitment to Payment

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uTRAC is a comprehensive solution for managing temporary and casual workers quickly and easily

  • Staff Scheduling

    Eliminate booking errors with our intuitive staff scheduling app.

  • QuickFill AI

    Automatically schedule the best available staff at the click of a button.

  • Live Budget Analysis

    Stay on top of your staffing budget and stretch your profit margins.

  • Staff Portal

    Staff can review their schedule and confirm availability on any device.

  • Online Shift Sign In

    Supervisors and clients can track attendance on their mobile.

  • Billing & Payroll Exports

    Comprehensive and accurate reporting for easier financial admin.

Designed to dramatically improve the management of your contingent workforce, uTRAC’s rostering software has been built by staffing professionals and will help support with all processes from recruitment to payment. Discover staff scheduling, improved communications and thorough attendance tracking for a variety of industries including events, hospitality, security and hotels and resorts.

Simpler Scheduling

At the core of uTRAC is a powerful shift scheduling tool used to painlessly process requests for staff into a schedule ready for staff placement.

  • Schedule Importer
  • Shift Templates
  • Drag & Drop Staff Scheduling
  • Advanced Staff Search
  • QuickFill AI
  • Live Budget Analysis
  • Collaborative Scheduling

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Drag and Drop Staff Scheduling

Better Communication

uTRAC’s simplified scheduling process is streamlined further by improving communications between managers and their workers. Whatever the staffing requirements, uTRAC makes it easier to get everyone in the right place, at the right time with minimal contact points.

  • Group Texts/Emails
  • Staff Portal
  • Post Open Shifts
  • Holiday Requests
  • Availability Confirmation

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Recruitment to Payment in the Cloud

uTRAC is a centrally hosted service providing our clients with a robust and easy to use tool for managing their workforce online while aiding compliance with data management regulations.


SaaS supported by best-in-class, AWS style hosting.


Dedicated support channels and training programs.


Automatic backups and 24/7 health monitoring.


Faster Billing & Payroll

uTRAC takes the headache out of time consuming financial administration by streamlining the input of shift attendance information and facilitating painless financial reporting. Even during peak season, uTRAC allows you to accurately bill clients and complete payroll at the click of a button.

  • Time & Attendance Tracking
  • Timesheet Approvals
  • Client Quoting/Invoicing
  • Payroll Reports

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Smarter Recruitment

Working in parallel with uTRAC's Shift Scheduling System, the uTRAC Applicant Tracking System is an ideal tool for businesses to recruit the best casual workers and process them to be ready for shift placement as quickly as possible.

  • Review Online Applications
  • Schedule Interviews and Training
  • Authenticate References
  • Onboard New Staff

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