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Packing Up the Outdoor Events Season

The outdoor events seasons is ending and as stages load out for the last time this summer, it’s time to start thinking about how to make the most of the down time. Go on vacation, spends some time at home, take the load off, then start thinking about how you’re going to improve things before the next busy period.

So where do you start? Every business’s priorities will be different but it’s always good to make incremental improvements at each opportunity.


Now that there are fewer events, your team will be downsized as the work runs dry. The old-reliables will be back in a few weeks but event businesses are concsious that there will be some missing faces and unanswered phone calls when the time comes to ramp things up again.

Some sort of recruitment drive during the slow season is never a bad idea. Check out our post about recruiting event staff for tips on ensuring your staffing pools are deep enough during crunch time.


Never stay comfortable with regards to your event tech and keep pushing for more efficiency in all areas of your operations. Identify the areas you and your office team spent the most time doing tasks that kept them from focussing their attention on more important things – and streamline those tasks with technology.

What can you automate? What solutions can you integrate? There’s always fat, and there’s always a system that can act as your scalpel.

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Book Keeping

Oh yes! It’s time to do your taxes. You can only procrastinate for so long.

A busy summer season is bound to have left you with mountains of paperwork, invoices to chase, and accounts to balance. Whether it’s you doing it, another team member, or a subcontractor, the slow season is the ideal time to play catch up and it’s always good to use this time to consider how this admin work could be streamlined with some minor adjustments at an operational level.

Spend Money

Now that you’ve time to spend, you might as well spend some money while you’re at it. Audiences and delegates are restless, and their attention spans are short. What was new and exciting this season, will be stale and boring next season. Meanwhile, your competitors are out there looking for the next big thing that will get them the headlines.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see how one could visit the next trade show and blow a chunk of cash on the newest gizmo that will turn heads, but the most rewarding investments will always be the ones that bring efficiencies to your service rather than the most attention.


uTRAC is an online workforce management solution for event services companies. Designed by operations managers, it makes managing large volumes of staff/freelancers/volunteers for multiple events simpler, better, and faster.

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